Flood Mitigation in Mamaroneck “Helping the Community Help Themselves”

This past Tuesday, LMC-TV producer and hostess of “A Town and a VIllage Too”, Alice Bloom spoke with the Village of Mamaroneck Manager, Richard Slingerland. They discussed village issues including deer and coyote control, budget and taxes, parking meter technology upgrades and industrial and residential development plans. The Army Corps of Engineers flood study, which was released on January 29th, was one of the highlights of the interview. Slingerland explained that this new plan consists of widening and deepening the rivers throughout the village. He added that the plan will be the most effective use of the federal, state and county funds. He will be one of our guests in our Round Table discussion. Bloom asked him about the parking situation and he discussed the pilot program in length. He finished the interview by stating what he wants the community to know about the village’s finances.

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You can watch the full interview on Friday, February 5th at 9:30 on Channel 75 for Cablevision views and 36 for Verizon viewers. Alice Bloom’s show, “A Town and a VIllage Too” has been on the air for 15 years and has over 300 episodes. The show brings our three communities together at one table to discuss ways in which they can work together, expand cooperation and share services.

Whether you live in the Village of Mamaroneck, the Village of Larchmont or the Town of Mamaroneck, you can take advantage of a new law that allows your municipality to negotiate the best electricity and natural gas prices for you. This is due to a new state pilot program called “Community Choice Aggregation” or CCA. The program was created by sustainable Westchester, a county-wide non-profit that promotes sustainability initiatives and is composed of a consortium of Westchester County local governments. How does the program work and what steps have our municipalities taken to facilitate residents lowering their energy costs?


The first step, which has already been completed by the three municipalities, is the enactment of a local law that enables them to participate in the pilot program, without forcing them to commit to it. After the local law was passed, the second step was to sign a memorandum of understanding, known as an M-O-U, which has also been completed. When Con Edison or the New York State and Gas Corporation (NYSEG) are notified by the municipalities, the final step will be a bidding and negotiation process of the lowest energy price. This is the current state for our three municipalities. Town of Mamaroneck Supervisor, Nancy Seligson, gave The Local Live an updated report from the town.

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Village of Larchmont Mayor, Anne McAndrews told The Local Live, “the request for proposals went out to suppliers on Friday. Bids are on February 22nd and that is when we’ll know they have secure and compliant bid.” So far, 20 Westchester municipalities have adopted local laws in joining the pilot program. It is important to mention that customers will still receive only one bill each month, and it will still come directly from Con Edison or NYSEG. Thew new bill will reflect the change in supplier and new. lower supply rates. Residents can opt out of participating in the program. They can try it for one month and if they don’t like it, they can go back to their former energy provider. We will be following this story closely and will update you with any new information, so that you can benefit a possible lower utility bill. If you want to read more about Sustainable Westchester, you can log onto www.sustainablewestchester.org to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) aobut the Community Choice Aggregation Program.

In our Round Table discussion, Maura Carlin spoke with Richard Slingerland, Village of Mamaroneck Manager and Tony Gelber, Chairman of the Village of Mamaroneck FMAC (Flood Mitigation Advisory Committee) regarding the Village and flood situations.



The Rye Neck Boys Basketball had a tight game against Hawthorne Cedar Knolls in a possible playoff qualifying game. Senior Noah Caplan provided a late spark from both ends of the court on our Play of the Week.

Ready for Super Bowl 50 and looking for a last minute Super Bowl party? If that’s the case, Rob Baez has a deal from the newly opened Smokehouse Tailgate Grill you might be interested in.

The Pet of the Week is Marisa, an adorable Terrier mix. She weighs around 22 pounds and is around five months old. She is a sweet dog but can be shy in new environments. She has scruffy fur around her face and looks like a Dalmatian mix. She needs a home with another dog and too much activity and noise which can still scare her. Once she feels comfortable in her new environment, she is as adorable as can be. For more information and to browse other adorable pets, go to http://www.ny-petrescue.org.

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MHS Students Will Attend NH Primaries


On February 6th, MHS teachers, Joe Liberti, Evan Madin and Emily Dombroff will be taking students to New Hampshire in an effort to teach the students of the importance of getting involved in their government in order to make changes and improvements. Congratulations to Mamaroneck High School for fostering an interest in their students for our country’s futures. You can tweet for updates via @MAMK_NH16.

The Local Live #102 “Cure the Winter Blues” 1/28/16

This past November, Save the Sound, Long Island Soundkeeper International and Atlantic Clam Farms of Connecticut filed a civil lawsuit against Westchester County and eleven local municipalities including the Village of Mamaroneck and the Village of Larchmont. The lawsuit was issued in response to the abundance of pollution, lack of maintenance and overall sanitary concerns surrounding waste in local waterways, which allegedly violates the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972. At the Town of Mamaroneck Board Meeting on January 20th, Steve Altieri, the Town Administrator released the details of the lawsuit. The Board voted unanimously for the engagement of the Town of Mamaroneck, the Village of Larchmont, the Village of Pelham Manor and the city of New Rochelle, who will all be represented by the Wilson, Elser and Moskowitz Law Firm. The Village of Mamaroneck was not included in the joint effort from our neighboring communities. The Local Live reached out to the Village Attorney, Charles Goldberger via a phone interview. He stated that his firm, McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt is reviewing the case and that they will not be joining efforts with the other communities listed in the lawsuit, because the the Village has different issues than the others. Roger Reynolds, the legal director of Save the Sound told The Local Live that they expect to receive an answer by late May. We will be following this story very closely and will keep you posted with all developments.


Previously, The Local Live reported on the attempt to draw up a dog breeding law in the Village of Mamaroneck after an instance of alleged animal cruelty by Richard Doyle, the former owner of “Best Breeds, Puppies and Kittens”. The proposed law, if enacted, will regulate pet stores to make sure that the animals in the facility are properly cared for. Law “A-2016” is available on the Village of Mamaroneck website on the “Proposed Local Laws” page. Even the community has shown support for the law, it was not passed in recent public hearings. The Board, however, was confident that they will be able to agree on a decision by the end of the next meeting on February 6th.

As previously discussed on The Local Live, the issue of parking on Mamaroneck Avenue is an ongoing one and that the discussion has gone beyond board meetings and public hearings to letters to the editor of The Mamaroneck Review. Board of Trustee and Parking Advisory Committee Member, Leon Potok, recently wrote to The Mamaroneck Review in an attempt to “clear the air’ on what he feels is a misinformed situation regarding parking. In the letter, Potok began by stating that while there has been talk of the Board overruling a proposed pilot program form the committee, no such recommendation was actually made, therefore no overruling. In closing, he stated that the Board has plans to begin a trial run of both single-space and multi-space meters on Mamaroneck Avenue that would benefit the Village by providing data such as cost, reliability and customer feedback. A week later, the Chairwoman of the Village Mamaroneck Ad Hoc Parking Committee wrote to The Mamaroneck herself to fire back at Potok’s claims, stating that there was indeed a recommendation by the committee despite his report. The recommendation was to reprogram the already-purchased multi-space into pay-by-space meters in the parking lots off Mamaroneck Avenue. It was only at the end of the meeting that the use of multi-space meters having a trial run was discussed and explored at a later meeting.

In our roundtable discussion, Maura Carlin spoke with Lisa Schuman, a Psychotherapist and Director of The Center of Family Building and Tobi Kundid, Director and Owner of Tovami Yoga Studio. During their discussion they spoke on the infamous winter blues and it’s affect on society and various ways to battle it.

In sports this week, the Mamaroneck Ice Hockey team was down by one goal to Pelham. In the second period, Will Kirk scored to tie the in our play of the week.

On February 6th, MHS teachers, Joe Liberti, Evan Madin and Emily Dombroff will taking students to New Hampshire in an effort to teach the students of the importance of getting involved in their government in order to make changes and improvements. Congratulations to Mamaroneck High School for fostering an interest in their students for our country’s futures. You can tweet for updates via @MAMK_NH16.


Our pet of the week is Perry, a handsome one-year-old male Tabby cat, who was rescued from the streets. This big lug is a gentle boy, and is quiet and well-mannered. He loves the company of other cats and is currently in a foster home with other cats, dogs and kids too, proving he’s comfortable in a busy home. For more information and to browse other adorable pets, go to www.ny-petrescue.org.


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Here in our roundtable discussion we have Maura Carlin speaking with Tobi Kundid and Lisa Schuman discussing the affect that the winter blues has had on society and possible steps to help battle it.

The Local Live #101 “Parking on Mamaroneck Avenue” 01/21/16

At the January 19th Mamaroneck School Board Meeting, the future of Co-Op Camp, a program that has been part of the district since 1968 was discussed. The program, which is funded by Mamaroneck School district, offers educational as well as recreational activities during the summer. The camp is not free as parents pay according to their economic status. The majority of the students from the camp are from low-income families, representing about 75% of the students. The camp costs the district $160,000. The board is not sure if the cost fits in their annual budget. Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps is looking for options to keep the camp alive. One option is to restructure the camp as an enrichment program. You can watch the meeting online at www.lmctv.org.

Mamaroneck High School Graduate, Brandon Wesley, passed away this week, inspiring his friends and family to take action to honor his memory. Brandon loved basketball and could be found rain or shine on the courts of his beloved Columbus Park. A petition was created on change.org to rename the park as Brandon Wesley Memorial Park. The petition already has over 830 supporters. On behalf of The Local Live, we’d like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Brandon Wesley. Donations are being accepted at gofundme.com 

On January 15th, LMC-TV celebrated his annual New Year’s party. The festivities took place at the Hommocks Ice Rink where many public officials, community members and volunteers came together for the fun night. There was a photo booth, delicious food and ice skating. There was something for everyone to enjoy. This year’s celebration was extra-special because The Local Live celebrated its 100th episode the night before. The award-winning program tied for second place in the Alliance for Community Media Northeast Region Video Festival for Best News and Magazine Show. We want to thank everyone who shared this special moment with us.

In our Round Table discussion, Maura Carlin and Jeff Meighan, president of the LMC-TV Board, (who is filling in for Mike Witsch. Mike is recuperating from hip surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery), spoke with Maria De Rose, the chairperson of the Village of Mamaroneck Ad Hoc Parking Committee, regarding the new parking meters on Mamaroneck Avenue.

In sports this week, Mamaroneck hosted their 19th annual boys basketball tournament. In the Tigers first round game against Rye Neck, Miles Haugton stole the game and gets our play of the week. The Tigers would go on to defeat Rye in the championship game in double overtime to win their first Tiger Tournament since 2012.

Our pet of the week is Angel, a very pretty girl who loves to run and play. She loves everyone and is very friendly. She is a little shy in new situations, but warms up very quickly. She is good with cats. She smiles like a human and is just adorable. She would do better in a home with older children or adults, but she could outgrow this with age and training.
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12637409_10153882940857329_1716464575_oIn our Roundtable discussion, Maura Carlin and Jeff Meighan spoke with Maria DeRose, the chairperson of the Village of Mamaroneck Ad Hoc parking committee, regarding the new parking meters on Mamaroneck Avenue.


the Local Live Episode 100


An ethics complaint over conflicts of interest that was filed six months ago by former Village of Mamaroneck Trustee, Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom against Coastal Zone Management member Clark Neuringer was unanimously dismissed by the Village’s Board of Ethics in December. At this week’s Village Board meeting, Neuringer announced that the recently released decision which expressed concern that the Ethics Board had made the decision in December but had only been put in the mail this week by the Village Attorney. He criticized the existing process and requested that the Board look at the law and clarify its safeguards for confidentiality. Bermudez-Hallstrom responded to the statement on his website, http://www.mamaroneckinsdier.com

At the same meeting, the Mamaroneck Village Board addressed an on-going concerns regarding animal cruelty at local pet stores. This was sparked by the arrest of Richard Doyle, the former owner of “Best Breeds, Puppies and Kittens’ on Mamaroneck Avenue this past July. Both ethical and legal concerns were discussed by Board members and residents. The proposed regulatory actions will include permits, stricter health regulations, and-or an outright ban on sales of pets from puppy mills. There will be a public hearing regarding the matter on January 20th.

The VIllage of Larchmont held its much-anticipated public hearing regarding a temporary moratorium on several land use applications. As was previously reported, this comes on the heels of developer’s plans to demolish a historic house in Larchmont at 40 Ocean Avenue. The proposed local law states that no entity shall review, accept for review, hold a hearing or make a decision regarding subdivision, plan approval, and/or demolition permits. The Board of Trustees all voted in favor of the six-month moratorium. Once the law is submitted to the Secretary of State, the law will be immediately put into effect.

The Mamaroneck School District approved a $9.3 million renovation to improve athletic facilities at Mamaroneck High School. There was 87% pass-rate that would allow the school to renovate locker rooms, reconfigure gym spaces and redesign the P-E curriculum. The updates were much needed as they will assure a more adequate community evacuation shelter in the event of an emergency. The bond’s approval also came as a response to continued concerns that the athletic facilities don’t meet the needs of the more than fifteen hundred students enrolled in P-E classes. LMC-TV records all municipal and school board meetings. You can watch online at www.lmctv.org

Martin Luther King celebrations have begun in our community. On January 9th, Kay Francis Richards and Clifford Wolf were awarded the 2016 Martin Luther King, Jr. award for their community involvement with various organizations and events such as the Interfaith Council and organizing the post-terrorist memorial following the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris and the church murders in Charleston. The event was held at the Mamaroneck Public Library and was hosted by the Human Rights Committee for Larchmont and Mamaroneck.

In local news, the Village of Mamaroneck has witnessed two recent instances of trucks colliding with the Metro-North Bridge on Mamaroneck Avenue. There were no injuries reported in either incident.


In out Round Table discussion, Maura Carlin spoke with Stacy Caffrey of Larchmont Village and Lori Kupferberg regarding the moratorium. Stacy, a resident of Larchmont Village spoke at the Larchmont Village Board meeting, while Lori spoke at the Town of Mamaroneck Board meeting.

“Is Citizen Reporting, Citizen Journalism?”

The Local Live has been following very closely one of the most controversial issues in our community: the issue of parking in the Village of Mamaroneck. At the meeting on December 21st, it was the hot topic of the night. It should be noted that in 2014, there was strong opposition from the community against the installation of Pay-By-Plate Multispace Meters on Mamaroneck Avenue. A pay-by-plate parking meter is an automated meter that manages multiple parking spaces in a given area. Either a license plate or space number is entered along with prefered time of parking. One complaint from the opposition is privacy concerns over the use of license plate reading cameras. With this aspect under consideration, the Ad-Hoc Parking Committee gave their recommendations for working toward a compromise.

They recommend using the multi-space parking meters that were already purchased in various lots throughout the Village-including near Spencer Place, Hunter Street and Phillips Park Road. It should be pointed out the meters will be programmed to be used as pay-by-space meters. The next recommendation was replacing the old single space meters with single-space smart meters that have built-in card readers. Chairwoman Maria DeRose told the Journal News that the committee conducted an online and paper survey, asking the community if they preferred multispace meters, new single-space meters or make no changes on the Avenue. Of 500  responses, 85% were opposed to the use of multispace meters on Mamaroneck Avenue. At the end of the discussion, the Democratic majority passed a resolution to have a pilot to test the popularity of several models of meters on the Avenue.

The trial will occur at the end of Mamaroneck Avenue near the Village office at the Regatta, where 30 spaces will be tested. Ten spaces will be covered by one multispace meter and 20 will be covered by two different single-space models from Cali and IPS manufacturers. The committee will receive feedback from the pilot installations and weigh the costs versus the benefits. The Local Live will keep watching as this story develops in the Village. You can watch the municipal and school board meetings on our website at www.lmctv.org.


In our Round Table discussion, Mike Witsch spoke with Mamaroneck High School Journalism teacher, Evan Madin and two of his students, Spencer Solomon and Talia Land to discuss citizen journalism, which is people without professional journalism training can use tools of modern technology and the global distribution of the Internet to create, augment or fact-check media on their own.


In the play of the week, as the first period was ending in their game against Scarsdale, Will Kirk of the Mamaroneck hockey team took the puck into the corner and passed to teammate Jason Beinstock just in time to score before the buzzer.