The Local Live #158 “Fred Berger Exclusive Interview” This coming November, the Village of Mamaroneck will vote for its mayor. While it’s a little early to think about the election, Democrats and former trustees, Tom Murphy and John Hofstetter have both announced via Facebook that they will run. Murphy, who is currently a Town of Mamaroneck Council member, told The Local Live, … Continue reading The Local Live #158 “Fred Berger Exclusive Interview”

Habitat for Humanity

On Tuesday, March 7th, members of the Community Resource Center as well as over 350 immigrants and allies rallied with people from all over New York state to fight for the right to a NY driver’s license for immigrants. Participants provided influential testimonials, rallied and marched as they visited over seventy-five legislative offices. The CRC … Continue reading Habitat for Humanity

Pet Adoption: Pet Rescue

On Tuesday, February 22nd, the Community Resource Center Deputy Executive Director, Janet Rolon and an immigration attorney held a three-hour training session preparing local undocumented immigrants on how to deal with immigration raids. At the February 21st Village of Larchmont Board of Trustees meeting, Elizabeth Bradley from Friends of the Larchmont Playhouse requested help to … Continue reading Pet Adoption: Pet Rescue

Indivisible Westchester

Last week, our community was hit with intense weather which included snow, ice, and high winds. The National Weather Service reported that last Thursday’s Nor’easter gave us 11.5 inches of snow. Another wintry mix on Sunday delivered freezing rain and sleet, which forced the Hearts and Homes for Refugees March to be canceled. A new … Continue reading Indivisible Westchester

LM Rally For Refugees

All over the country, thousands of United States residents are being affected by Donald Trump’s immigration ban. New Rochelle resident, Mohammed Alhomsi told The Journal News that he was expecting his wife’s arrival so they could remarry and celebrate their reunion and brand new home. But now their plans are on hold. The executive order … Continue reading LM Rally For Refugees

House Staging

  Local residents and members of a new network, Westchester Social Justice Community, got together for the first “Justice Monday” in response to Donald Trump’s executive orders. They intend to rally every Monday at noon at the intersection of Main Street and Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains to support of Obamacare. Participants helped to collect … Continue reading House Staging