The Local Live has been following very closely one of the most controversial issues in our community: the issue of parking in the Village of Mamaroneck. At the meeting on December 21st, it was the hot topic of the night. It should be noted that in 2014, there was strong opposition from the community against the installation of Pay-By-Plate Multispace Meters on Mamaroneck Avenue. A pay-by-plate parking meter is an automated meter that manages multiple parking spaces in a given area. Either a license plate or space number is entered along with prefered time of parking. One complaint from the opposition is privacy concerns over the use of license plate reading cameras. With this aspect under consideration, the Ad-Hoc Parking Committee gave their recommendations for working toward a compromise.

They recommend using the multi-space parking meters that were already purchased in various lots throughout the Village-including near Spencer Place, Hunter Street and Phillips Park Road. It should be pointed out the meters will be programmed to be used as pay-by-space meters. The next recommendation was replacing the old single space meters with single-space smart meters that have built-in card readers. Chairwoman Maria DeRose told the Journal News that the committee conducted an online and paper survey, asking the community if they preferred multispace meters, new single-space meters or make no changes on the Avenue. Of 500  responses, 85% were opposed to the use of multispace meters on Mamaroneck Avenue. At the end of the discussion, the Democratic majority passed a resolution to have a pilot to test the popularity of several models of meters on the Avenue.

The trial will occur at the end of Mamaroneck Avenue near the Village office at the Regatta, where 30 spaces will be tested. Ten spaces will be covered by one multispace meter and 20 will be covered by two different single-space models from Cali and IPS manufacturers. The committee will receive feedback from the pilot installations and weigh the costs versus the benefits. The Local Live will keep watching as this story develops in the Village. You can watch the municipal and school board meetings on our website at


In our Round Table discussion, Mike Witsch spoke with Mamaroneck High School Journalism teacher, Evan Madin and two of his students, Spencer Solomon and Talia Land to discuss citizen journalism, which is people without professional journalism training can use tools of modern technology and the global distribution of the Internet to create, augment or fact-check media on their own.


In the play of the week, as the first period was ending in their game against Scarsdale, Will Kirk of the Mamaroneck hockey team took the puck into the corner and passed to teammate Jason Beinstock just in time to score before the buzzer.