This past November, Save the Sound, Long Island Soundkeeper International and Atlantic Clam Farms of Connecticut filed a civil lawsuit against Westchester County and eleven local municipalities including the Village of Mamaroneck and the Village of Larchmont. The lawsuit was issued in response to the abundance of pollution, lack of maintenance and overall sanitary concerns surrounding waste in local waterways, which allegedly violates the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972. At the Town of Mamaroneck Board Meeting on January 20th, Steve Altieri, the Town Administrator released the details of the lawsuit. The Board voted unanimously for the engagement of the Town of Mamaroneck, the Village of Larchmont, the Village of Pelham Manor and the city of New Rochelle, who will all be represented by the Wilson, Elser and Moskowitz Law Firm. The Village of Mamaroneck was not included in the joint effort from our neighboring communities. The Local Live reached out to the Village Attorney, Charles Goldberger via a phone interview. He stated that his firm, McCullough, Goldberger & Staudt is reviewing the case and that they will not be joining efforts with the other communities listed in the lawsuit, because the the Village has different issues than the others. Roger Reynolds, the legal director of Save the Sound told The Local Live that they expect to receive an answer by late May. We will be following this story very closely and will keep you posted with all developments.


Previously, The Local Live reported on the attempt to draw up a dog breeding law in the Village of Mamaroneck after an instance of alleged animal cruelty by Richard Doyle, the former owner of “Best Breeds, Puppies and Kittens”. The proposed law, if enacted, will regulate pet stores to make sure that the animals in the facility are properly cared for. Law “A-2016” is available on the Village of Mamaroneck website on the “Proposed Local Laws” page. Even the community has shown support for the law, it was not passed in recent public hearings. The Board, however, was confident that they will be able to agree on a decision by the end of the next meeting on February 6th.

As previously discussed on The Local Live, the issue of parking on Mamaroneck Avenue is an ongoing one and that the discussion has gone beyond board meetings and public hearings to letters to the editor of The Mamaroneck Review. Board of Trustee and Parking Advisory Committee Member, Leon Potok, recently wrote to The Mamaroneck Review in an attempt to “clear the air’ on what he feels is a misinformed situation regarding parking. In the letter, Potok began by stating that while there has been talk of the Board overruling a proposed pilot program form the committee, no such recommendation was actually made, therefore no overruling. In closing, he stated that the Board has plans to begin a trial run of both single-space and multi-space meters on Mamaroneck Avenue that would benefit the Village by providing data such as cost, reliability and customer feedback. A week later, the Chairwoman of the Village Mamaroneck Ad Hoc Parking Committee wrote to The Mamaroneck herself to fire back at Potok’s claims, stating that there was indeed a recommendation by the committee despite his report. The recommendation was to reprogram the already-purchased multi-space into pay-by-space meters in the parking lots off Mamaroneck Avenue. It was only at the end of the meeting that the use of multi-space meters having a trial run was discussed and explored at a later meeting.

In our roundtable discussion, Maura Carlin spoke with Lisa Schuman, a Psychotherapist and Director of The Center of Family Building and Tobi Kundid, Director and Owner of Tovami Yoga Studio. During their discussion they spoke on the infamous winter blues and it’s affect on society and various ways to battle it.

In sports this week, the Mamaroneck Ice Hockey team was down by one goal to Pelham. In the second period, Will Kirk scored to tie the in our play of the week.

On February 6th, MHS teachers, Joe Liberti, Evan Madin and Emily Dombroff will taking students to New Hampshire in an effort to teach the students of the importance of getting involved in their government in order to make changes and improvements. Congratulations to Mamaroneck High School for fostering an interest in their students for our country’s futures. You can tweet for updates via @MAMK_NH16.


Our pet of the week is Perry, a handsome one-year-old male Tabby cat, who was rescued from the streets. This big lug is a gentle boy, and is quiet and well-mannered. He loves the company of other cats and is currently in a foster home with other cats, dogs and kids too, proving he’s comfortable in a busy home. For more information and to browse other adorable pets, go to


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Here in our roundtable discussion we have Maura Carlin speaking with Tobi Kundid and Lisa Schuman discussing the affect that the winter blues has had on society and possible steps to help battle it.