On March 1st, the Superintendent of the Mamaroneck School District, Dr. Robert Shaps presented his recommended budget for the school year of 2016-17. The recommended budget falls under the state’s allowable tax levy cap and draws attention to expend Mamaroneck’s Core program and district education goals. The new school year’s challenge is that will be a decrease of nearly $740,000, 0.55% less than the current year’s budget. Dr. Shaps explained that the factors influencing the budget are enrollment trends, tax levy limit cap, class size, staff contract obligations and shifts in expenditures. In a press release, Dr. Shaps said, “As students’ enrollment continues to grow and operational costs increase, we will undoubtedly need to consider a budget override in order to continue to maintain the quality education we are accustomed to.” However, with the budget decrease, parents are concerned about the future of the Co-Op Camp, a program that has existed in the district since 1968. The program offers educational as well recreational activities during the summer. Seventy-five percent of the students that are benefited from this program come from low-income families. We want to remind the community that the Co-Op Camp costs the district $175,000 and the proposed budget for this program for the upcoming school year is only $20,000. We will continue to follow the development of this story. For now, we encourage parents to watch the School Board meeting budget presentation that is available on our website, www.lmctv.org. Please note that as of this date, March 10th, the budget has not been adopted. The budget will be reviewed and will be adopted on April 19th. The final budget vote from parents is on May 17th.

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The Town of Mamaroneck recently passed a new local law that would ban large trucks from East Hickory Grove Drive, Rockland Avenue and the section of Myrtle Boulevard between Weaver Street and Lakeside Drive. It will not, however, prevent delivery or pickup trucks from using the streets. The local law will become effective upon filing with the Secretary of the State, which could take a few days. You can expect to see signs in the area within the next few weeks.

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On March 3rd, the Village of Larchmont Board of Trustees held a follow-up meeting to discuss the appeal to remove the moratorium on the property at 40 Ocean Avenue. The moratorium was made so that the Board would have more time to review and study the impact of the construction, and the effect it would have on the Village. The Board decided to deny the appeal on the application, which leaves four months left on the moratorium.

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Also happening recently in the Village of Larchmont, the Larchmont Playhouse has been sold. At this time, there are no immediate plans to close down the movie theatre. We will continue to follow this story.

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On a sad note, Pastor Frank Stagno passed away on March 6th. Along with his wife, Nancy, he hosted “Hope in the Bible” on LMC-TV for nearly ten years. He conveyed stories of the Bible with humor, kindness and grace. He was also the pastor of the Trinity Assembly of God Church, which is located on Ward Avenue in Mamaroneck. Pastor Frank will be deeply missed by all of his friends at LMC-TV and the entire community.

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In our Round Table discussion, Mike and Maura spoke with Paula Krenkel, Co-President of NY-Pet Rescue and Andrea Ramos, Adoption Coordinator of SNARR to talk about the recently adopted Village law that bans the sale of commercially bred dogs and cats and targets puppy and kitten mills, allowing only the sale of dogs and cats who come from pet rescue organizations and shelters. Paula and Andrea will also show us some dogs and puppies who available for adoption.

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The Mamaroneck Ice Hockey is one step closer to achieving its state championship dream. The New York State Quarterfinal game against Massena High School are highlighted in our Play of the Week.

The New York Rangers recently teamed with the Hommocks Ice in their Rink Partnership Program to help promote hockey and ice skating in the tri-state area.

Kenise Barnes Fine Art, located in Larchmont is highlighted in our community section with a preview of her latest collection.

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