A presidential primary was held this week in Wisconsin with Republican candidate Ted Cruz and Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders taking the lead. The next primary will be held in New York. The candidates held rallies all over the state. Donald Trump was on Long Island, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders were in the Bronx and John Kasich and Hillary Clinton were in Westchester. The Local Live reported on the different rallies in our area in what was to be a first for our news show. Hillary Clinton reached out to New Yorkers in an effort to gain their votes as Primary Day approaches. Producers Cat Galeano and Abriel St. Ange were there to file a full report from The Purchase rally. As Hillary Clinton’s rally at SUNY-Purchase rally came to a close, Bernie Sanders’ rally in the South Bronx was just getting underway. Producer Sheyla Navarro and Dena Schumacher were there to cover the event. This Saturday, Republican candidate John Kasich will be at Iona College. Our cameras and producers will be there to bring you all the proceedings. Coverage will be shown on next week’s show.

On Monday, former Village of Larchmont trustee, Lorraine Walsh was officially sworn in as the new mayor. Walsh and her Democratic team of trustees, Peter Fanelli and Carol Miller, ran unopposed. The Administration of Oaths was carried out by Justices Thea Beaver and Jerry Bernstein. Also in attendance for the Swearing-in-Ceremony were public officials from the Town of Mamaroneck and Senator George Latimer to express their congratulations. Lorraine Walsh stated that she will name a new deputy mayor soon. The Local Live will interview the new mayor of Larchmont on April 28th in our Round Table discussion.

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Also on Monday, there was a fire in the 6th floor laundry room of the Regatta apartment complex on Mamaroneck Avenue. According to Village of Mamaroneck Chief Craig Casterella, the fire was caused by a buildup of lint in between the 5th and 6th floor shaft which caused the fire to spread to the roof. There was concern for the residents who didn’t evacuate quickly enough. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries and everyone was evacuated safely to the Village conference room. Due to the fire, all of the laundry rooms at the Regatta are unavailable until further notice.

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In our Round Table discussion, Mike Witsch spoke with Sally Maca and Lisa Boillot,Co-Chairs of the Grow It Green Expo and event keynote speaker Kim Eirman regarding the Grow It Green Expo which will be held this Sunday at Larchmont Temple.

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The new multi-space meters are now on Mamaroneck Avenue and nearby parking lots.

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Our Pet of the Week is an adorable one-year-old Lab Mix named Scout. He is very sweet, friendly and always full of energy. He is ready for some never-ending fun, but he still needs some help with his manners and is not compatible with felines or small dogs. He is not only beautiful, but loving and can’t wait to have a loving forever home. If you want to adopt him, check out the website, www.ny-petrescue.org for information on Scout as well as other pets.

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