This past week, Donald Trump was declared the Missouri primary winner. Bernie Sanders won Wyoming, Ted Cruz won Wisconsin and Hillary Clinton continues to lead the polls in New York. The Local Live has been covering the political rallies that happened near our community. This week, Republican presidential candidate John Kasich was in New Rochelle. Local Live producers, Sheyla Navarro and Cat Galeano and reporter Jack Wells were at the Governor’s Town Hall to file a report.

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At the April 11th Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees meeting, Mayor Norman Rosenblum updated the community about the Army Corps of Engineers Flood Mitigation Plan. As previously reported, the $70 million dollar project, which began in 2009, wants to help prevent flooding around the areas that are close to the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake Rivers. In order for the project to be in effect, it needs to be consistent with the Local Waterfront Rehabilitation Program or LWRP. The document consists of 44 policies, which aim to promote a balance between economic development and preservation of the Village of Mamaroneck coastal resources. After the Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission suggested that the Army Corps Project is inconsistent with many policies of the LWRP. In a March 28th public forum regarding the issue, residents spoke for over 3 hours about their support and concerns toward the project. The Harbor Coastal Zone Management Commission of HCZMC is not the only one that has a consistency vote on the Army Corps Plan. The Department of State, or DOS, and the Village of Mamaroneck must also vote. Mayor Rosenblum stated that the Department of State did not find the flooding plan inconsistent with the LWRP, and requested more information in order to make a decision. After additional information is provided to the Department of State, the Army Corps of Engineers will need to submit a formal consistency determination. As of yet, the requested additional information has not been sent. Following the comments from residents, the Board unanimously passed a resolution to write a letter of support to the Department of State. The letter requests the DOS to inform the Village and the HCZM Commission of their decision.

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Mamaroneck High School Boys Lacrosse Team faced off against rival Lakeland/Panas. Junior goalie Jack Dente made two quick saves to keep the score tied early in the game and made our Play of the Week with his efforts.

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Our Pet of the Week is Mystery, an adorable and playful puppy. She loves her foster home, plays well with all the other dogs and is learning her manners. She is about 11 weeks old and weighs about 13 pounds. This little princess is super smart, eager to learn and loves to fall asleep in your lap. For more information on Mystery, as well as other pets, please visit

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