The homeowner of 3 Douglas Lane in Larchmont have appealed the Larchmont residential area development moratorium in a special meeting this past Monday. The homeowner stated that his property was purchased over two years ago with the intention of replacing the structure due to its poor condition. The appeal is based on the extension of the moratorium, the deteriorating condition of the house, and winter approaching. Because homeowner does not plan to subdivide the property, a Planning Consultant recommended that the approval of the appeal would not violate the moratorium’s intent. The Committee to Preserve Larchmont also did not have any objections to the appeal. The Board stated that it was their belief that the homeowner highlighted hardship due to the poor condition of the structure and reached a consensus to grant the homeowner’s appeal. The final decision, along with its documentation, will be presented at the next Village of Larchmont Board meeting on August 9th.

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Cody Miller, a Larchmont Badger Swim Club member, will compete for Team USA at the Rio Olympics. The Local Live spoke with Badger Assistant Coach Dominick Galimi, who said “Cody’s 100-meter breaststroke in 59 seconds, makes him on of the top 5 in the world”. The Badger Swim Club has had its fair share of Olympics from this area and are especially happy for Cody. The proud coach added that Cody is an inspiration for younger swimmers as well as the whole community. You can watch Cody on Saturday, August 6th starting at 2 p.m. where he will compete in the Men’s 100-meter Breaststroke Preliminaries and on Sunday, August 7th for the finals. Go to the Badger Swim Club Facebook page to show your support and the latest on Cody Miller.

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There could be a legal battle regarding Playland, as county and city officials prepare to square off. According to the Rye City Review, the City is claiming that it should be the lead agency for the next round of the county-owned amusement park’s upcoming projects. Rye Mayor Joe Sack accuses the County of failing to follow the law when it declared itself lead agency in May. Sack threatened to file an Article 78 lawsuit if the county did not respond to the city’s request to be included in the decision-making process by July 28th. Representatives for County Executive Rob Astorino responded by disputing the city’s claims and calling for continued county control over parks like Playland. They also stated that the City of Rye is welcome to be a part of the ongoing Playland discussion. The ongoing struggle between the City of Rye and Westchester County dates back to 2014 when the two factions battled over a now-scrapped project to build a field house on park property. Now Mayor Sack considers this potential lawsuit as an attempt to include the city’s interest in the continuing discussion.

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The Mamaroneck Union Free School District is one of 30 Smart School Investment Plans to receive a part of New York State’s $2 billion Smart Schools Bond Act. The Act, which was passed in 2014, helps to finance educational technology and infrastructure to provide students access to the latest technology and connectivity needed to succeed and compete in the world. Mamaroneck’s school district will receive a little over $530,000  that will go directly to school connectivity. Governor Andrew Cuomo stated in his press release that through the Smart Schools Bond Act, he is ensuring that all New York students have access to high-speed internet and new technology, regardless of their zip code.

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This week, there were two Round Table discussions. In the first segment, Maura Carlin and Mike Witsch spoke with Elaine Weingarten, Director of At Home on the Sound; Janet O’Connell, Board President of At Home on the Sound about the local program which benefits senior citizens in our community. 

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And in the second segment, Maura and Mike spoke with Joe Liberti, MHS AP US Government and Politics teacher; MHS Seniors Julia Steinberg and Sam Mollin about their trip to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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For our “In the Spotlight” segment, Local Live reporter Cat Galeano visits the newest restaurant to grace Mamaroneck: The Sedona Taphouse!

Our Pet of the Week is Anna, a beautiful domestic black and white long-haired cat. She is house-trained, spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She is currently living with a foster family and loves to cuddle. So if you’re looking for a cat that thoroughly enjoys being part of the family, then Anna is the cat for you. For more information on Anna and other adorable pets, go to

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