The Mamaroneck Village Board of Trustees is in the process of proposing two local laws that would give them the authority to appoint the village attorney and new members of both the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals-powers that are currently executed by the mayor. If the new laws, which will be named “U” and “T” are approved, they will put before village voters in a referendum this fall. The two proposals were introduced at the August 15th Board meeting and are scheduled for a public hearing on September 6th. Proposed Local Law U-2016 would transfer the mayor’s power of appointing the village attorney to the Board of Trustees, while Proposed Local Law T-2016 would transfer the mayor’s power to appoint members and chairpersons of the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals to the Board of Trustees. Under the current VIllage Law of the State of New York, the mayor holds these powers, and the Board of Trustees votes to either approve or disapprove the decisions. Both new proposals which would overrule the mayor’s power must be approved by voters.

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The New York Department of State has determined that the plan to control flooding in the Village of Mamaroneck is consistent with the state’s coastal zone management plan, as well as the Village’s Waterfront Revitalization Program. In an August 17th letter to the Army Corps of Engineers, the State Department made four recommendations which included minimizing the removal of native plants, coordinating plans with village and county officials, and developing a plan to ensure the project’s success and to manage the water quality. The State Department’s approval is a step forward for the project which will impact areas along the 1.8 miles of the Mamaroneck and Sheldrake Rivers. Several residents who live along the route are complaining that details have been made public and that their questions have gone unanswered. Village Manager Richard Slingerland told The Local Live that the Village sent three separate letters to the fifty or sixty residents whose property might be affected. The Village Board has also answered questions at monthly meetings as well as a public session that was held in the Emelin Theater with the Army Corps of Engineers. Last week, Eyewitness News on ABC aired a story about one resident who marked off a section of her backyard that she claims “might be swallowed up” not by flood water but by the federal government. VIllage of Mamaroneck Mayor Norman Rosenblum told the reporter that the resident’s worries are premature due to the fact the engineering phase of the project is just beginning and that nothing is ever perfect. He added that the village could never afford this big a project, and that the if the village didn’t start the project now, the federal funds would not be available in the future. The project, he said, will improve the quality of life and the vibrancy of the village.

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During the August 15th Village of Larchmont Board of Trustees meeting, it was announced that work will begin on the “village green” area of Constitution Park. It is expected to be completed by September 2nd. The renovations were made possible by public and private collaborations. The non-profit organization. Larchmont 125, helped to raise $12,500 to get the project started.

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In other news regarding Larchmont 125, they will be celebrating their second annual Larchmont Day Street Festival on Saturday, September 24th, from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Larchmont and Boston Post Road. The festival will feature live entertainment, carnival games, big trucks, food truck. The event is free to the public. Don’t miss out on this great event for the whole family!

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There is a new clothing recycling drop-off location in the Town of Mamaroneck. You can donate your clothing, shoes, socks, purses, belts and ties at the town’s 40 Maxwell Avenue Recycling Facility. The effort is to recycle usable items to thrift stores while unwearable items will be turned into rags and cloth.

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In our Round Table Table discussion, Maura Carlin and Mike Witsch spoke with Suzanne Johnson, an animal rehabilitator and dog whisperer to get an insight on what are our pets are thinking.

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On August 11th, Mamaroneck residents celebrated the last block party of the summer season. Local Live Reporter Alexandra Garcia was there to report on the festivities.

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The 2016 Summer Olympics came to a close on August 21st with Team USA winning 121 medals, including 33 for swimming. In this week’s edition of “In the Spotlight”, producer Cat Galeano went to get an inside look at Larchmont’s Badger Swim Club, where many US Olympic swimmers got their start

Our Pet of the Week is Alice, an out-going 2-year-old Lab-Shepherd-Ridgeback-Hound mix. She’s sweet and friendly with both people and other dogs. For more information on Alice, as well as other pets, go to

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