Congratulations to the Town of Mamaroneck for becoming a certified “Climate Smart Community” for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy. The award was presented by Kelly Turturro, the Regional Director of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. There were only nine communities recognized by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Mamaroneck is proud to be part of the small yet impressive group.

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In other Town of Mamaroneck news, a new budget plan was announced by the Board during a meeting held on September 21st. The Board explained that the Town staff is working to have a new budget by December. Meeting and hearings will be held within the coming weeks.

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Here are a couple of announcements:  September 30th will be the last day to pay school taxes without a penalty. You can pay online at The Sheldrake Fall Festival will be held on October 16th. There will be leaf mulching demos, quest leaf blowing demos as well as rain barrels. Lastly, the Hommocks Ice Rink will open on October 1st for regular skating sessions.

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On September 22nd, Village of Mamaroneck Mayor, Norman Rosenblum and residents held a public forum to openly discuss the drug abuse that is happening in our community. The Mayor told The Daily Voice, “the effect of this epidemic and threat, in particular to our young people, as well as the general public is unfortunately emphasized by the recent overdose deaths in the Village of Mamaroneck of three young residents; two of which happened in the past couple of weeks”. Recent fatal drug overdoses included a young man from Washingtonville and a 25-year-old woman from Shore Acres which prompted a call to action. The Mayor established the Mayor’s Drug Culture Committee to address the epidemic of drug abuse and will include students, parents, local and state officials. The Local Live will keep you informed of any new developments.

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Managing the Mamaroneck High School schedules has just gotten a little easier thanks to Mamaroneck High School senior, Harrison Crandall. He created a free app called “MHS Schedule that will clearly display a student’s schedule. Crandall has worked on the app since March, but it wasn’t until the first day of school on September 6th, when he launched Version 1.1 of the application. Crandall says he has been getting positive feedback from his classmates. He said, “I am still getting people stopping me in the halls, thanking me for MHS Schedule!”. For those students who still don’t have the app, they can go to the App Store on their iPhones and download. Currently, the application is not available for android phones.

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In other school news, Mamaroneck High School Counselor Keith Yizar retired after 33 years of serving the Mamaroneck School District. On Wednesday night, at the Saint Thomas Episcopal Church, members of our community, friends and family members joined him at a special dinner to celebrate his years of service. It should be noted that this was a community organized event and the school district was not involved. One of the organizers, Jeff Meighan told The Local Live that Yizer would not accept the dinner tribute unless the funds were raised to help students from Mamaroneck High School. Yizer chose The Jaydean Alexander MHS Scholarship Fund to receive the proceeds.

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In our Round Table discussion, Rebecca Paganini spoke with Kaitlyn Murphy, a local comedienne.

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In our LMC Varsity Play of the Week, the Rye Neck Boys Soccer Team was in a scoreless tie with Bronxville, when in the second half, Reed Peterson took a pass from Donovan Dunning to put the Panthers ahead.

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This past Saturday, Larchmont celebrated its 125th Anniversary. Alexandra Garcia covered the event for The Local Live and filed this report. Another event held this past Saturday, was the 3rd Annual Half-Time Beer Festival. Meral Kathwari was on-hand to file a report for The Local Live.

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Our Pet of the Week is Pez, a one-and-half-year-old Tabby Cat. He was the youngest of his siblings, so he’s used to having other cats around. He’s very playful and loving. If you would more information on Pez and other pets, please go to

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