The Local Live, Airing 8/17/17 (Episode #180)

News Anchor(s): Alexandria Garcia

Scott Rosenberg, the owner of Ralph’s Italian Ices is suing the Village of Mamaroneck for $300,000 in damages and he is asking to reopen his store. According to his lawyer, Andrew Schriever, who filed the lawsuit with the State Supreme Court, which was ultimately denied. According to The Daily Voice, the suit alleges that the VIllage acted in a vicious manner in their decision to forcefully close Ralph’s. The suit names the Zoning Board of Appeals, Building Inspector Dan Gray, as well as an unknown number of residents who were opposed to the business being opened as defendants. Both parties have until August 31st to settle the matter.

The Town of Mamaroneck Democratic Party Committee has announced its candidates for 2017. According a press release that was put out by the committee, the slate of officials includes Supervisor, Nancy Seligson, Town Council member Jaine Elkin-Eney, Town Justice Ron Meister and first-time candidate, Sabrina Fiddelman for Town Council. At present, all of the candidates are running unopposed. Election Day is November 7th.

Kyle and Jaden Snow of Mamaroneck each brought home medals after competing at the USA Track and FIeld Junior Olympics National Outdoor Championships. The boys competed on behalf of the Notre Dame Track Club. Kyle participated in the Boys 9-10 Triathlon and won a bronze medal for placing third in the competition, while Jade participated in the Pentathlon, finishing sixth. Congratulations, Kyle and Jaden!

Meryl Rubinstein, Mamaroneck Public Assistant Superintendent for Business Operations, is retiring after spending a decade in the position. The Mamaroneck Public School District praised her and said in a press release that was sent to the community that they “are confident she has paved the way for her successor’s success”. Kathleen Ryan, who previously held the same position in the Rye City School District and the Croton-Harmon School District, has been named as Rubinsteins’ successor.

Larchmont is saying goodbye to its favorite UPS delivery man, Fernando Remigio after twenty-six years on the job. Remgio, who lives in Rockland County, started delivering for UPS in 1993, and has made several real connections with his customers. Larchmont resident, Elisabeth Cavanagh, one of those customers who shared a bond with Remigio, took her appreciation for her favorite delivery man to the next level by starting a Go Fund Me page to raise money for a retirement present than anyone can donate to. The goal is to raise$3,000. What a sweet gesture from Larchmont residents to do for Remigio. If you would like to donate, go to

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Local Live report Meral Kathwari spoke with Jupiter Joe about the eclipse that will occur on Monday, August 21st.

In the Spotlight, Local Live reporter, Sibylla Chipaziwa spoke with David D’Amico of Abeetz Pizza Truck about what is making his food truck the highlight of the summer.

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On August 10th, The Local Live held a live pet adoption version of the Round Table during the Mamaroneck Avenue Block Party. NY Pet Rescue has announced that four out of the five puppies that were showcased have found their forever homes. With that happy news, here are our Pets of the Week, Cub, a two-and-a-half year old Chow Mix and Cupcake, a handsome Tabby cat. Cub, who weighs about forty-five pounds, loves long walks and car rides. He can be a bit anxious and would do best in a suburban home with a female dog or a quiet, appropriate dog. Houses with cats are not recommend. Cupcake is a real charmer and is also a feline dynamo since she is very playful. She has beautiful and striking markings. She would do best as the only cat in an active household that does not have small children. To adopt either Cub or Cupcake, or to find out about other pets, go to

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