Town Water Rate to Increase — August 30, 2018
Water Usage Bill Becomes Law —

Water Usage Bill Becomes Law

A new bill simplifies how 14 Westchester municipalities get water usage data from private companies. The goal is to help local governments, including New Rochelle and Rye City, manage clean water infrastructure projects. New York State Assemblyman Steve Otis and New York State Senator Shelley Mayer are involved in the legislation. Many Westchester municipalities are seeking to repair and improve their aging water infrastructure.

Sustainable Westchester Energy Program —

Sustainable Westchester Energy Program

Two years ago, the town of Mamaroneck entered an energy program through Sustainable Westchester that offered a fixed rate to residents and guaranteed to cost less than what Con Edison customers paid in the preceding year. The agreement will end in December, and the Town  Council found that the program was beneficial to the and would participate again if the fixed rate is lower than Con Edison energy costs.

The village of Mamaroneck is also looking to participate in the program, known as Westchester Power. Residents and businesses in the village saved more than $690,000 over the past two years

Mamaroneck Village Parking Rate Changes —

Mamaroneck Village Parking Rate Changes

Some areas of the village of Mamaroneck will soon have higher parking rates in response to recommendations from consultants and the Parking Advisory Committee. For example, for the spaces located under the Emelin, a quarter will only get you 20 minutes, which is down from the current 30 minutes. The aim is to increase turnover and traffic flow, which will provide more revenue for the village. The proposed parking law can be reviewed from the village attorney’s page of the municipal website. A second public hearing will be held on September 12th.

Mosquito Control Concerns —

Mosquito Control Concerns

On Thursday, August 30th, the village of Mamaroneck provided an update on its efforts to reduce mosquito populations in the Shore Acres area, including spraying or fogging more often and in expanded areas, and making the switch back to the pesticide Anvil.

This year, Westchester County failed to apply larvicide to all village of Mamaroneck catch basins, as had been done in previous years. There was a delay in the application of permits on time.

The village recently got permits from the state to use mosquito larvicide in the Otter Creek Salt Marshes. Residents are also reminded to check sources of standing water around the home, especially after rainstorms.

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