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What is the Turkey Trot? — November 20, 2017

What is the Turkey Trot?

The annual Turkey Trot, which this year celebrated its 51st year, was held on Sunday, November 19th. Local Live report Lindsley Barrios spoke with Jason Pinto, the Village of Mamaroneck Rec Assistant to learn more about the race.

Bringing “Crazy Socks” to the Mamaroneck Tigers —
Half Time Microbrewery is coming soon —

Half Time Microbrewery is coming soon


Half Time Beverages in Mamaroneck has finally received the approval from the Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees to allow zoning changes for the construction of microbreweries in downtown Mamaroneck. The authorization would be limited to a section of Hoyt Avenue. Earlier this year, Half Time Beverage partnered with Craft Brewery Decadent Ales to hopefully start a bar and pub within their store. Village Panner Robert Galvin sad that the pitch for Half Time Beverage’s expansion would be announced at the the next Board of Trustees meeting. Construction would be begin following the announcement. Since the approval from the Board, other beer production companies are now interested in moving to Mamaroneck.

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