The Local Live Round Table: Women of the Resistence — February 4, 2018
The Local Live Round Table: New Beginnings —

The Local Live Round Table: New Beginnings

In our Round Table discussion, Mike Witsch spoke with Justin Gaita, Push Fitness Head Trainer; Nancy Weiser, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Sonia Sisti, Holistic Head Coach about new beginnings and keeping new year’s resolutions .

LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week — December 19, 2017
Westchester County Tax Increase —

Westchester County Tax Increase

This is Your Community News ShowOn December 11th, Westchester County Lawmakers approved a $1.8 billion budget for 2018 that would increase property taxes in the County by 2%. The budget passed with a 12 to 5 bipartisan vote. The budget restored funding for county parks, curators and public works engineers. Chairman of the Board of Legislators, Mike Kaplowitz told the Journal News, “this is a realistic but a sobering budget that begins to address our structural shortfalls with a fair cost to taxpayers”. However, the County Board can override the veto with twelve votes.

Rye Neck Car Chase —

Rye Neck Car Chase

Car Chase in Rye Neck

Rye Police have stated that two alleged car thieves are now in custody following a late night car chase in Greenhaven on December 11th. A neighbor spotted them trying to break into a vehicle and called police. The suspects sped away and hit a police car before overturning. When the police were able to stop them, they found a loaded firearm on one of the suspects. With reports of a third suspect who had apparently escaped, nearby Rye Neck schools conducted a lock-out as a precaution, while police searched the area.



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