LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week — December 19, 2017

LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week

TLLIn the LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week, the Rye Neck Boys Basketball team recently played Children’s Village. Each team was seeking their first win of the season. Rye Neck had a substantial edge in the first half when senior Aidan Heaton helped to increase their lead.

Westchester County Tax Increase —

Westchester County Tax Increase

This is Your Community News ShowOn December 11th, Westchester County Lawmakers approved a $1.8 billion budget for 2018 that would increase property taxes in the County by 2%. The budget passed with a 12 to 5 bipartisan vote. The budget restored funding for county parks, curators and public works engineers. Chairman of the Board of Legislators, Mike Kaplowitz told the Journal News, “this is a realistic but a sobering budget that begins to address our structural shortfalls with a fair cost to taxpayers”. However, the County Board can override the veto with twelve votes.

Rye Neck Car Chase —

Rye Neck Car Chase

Car Chase in Rye Neck

Rye Police have stated that two alleged car thieves are now in custody following a late night car chase in Greenhaven on December 11th. A neighbor spotted them trying to break into a vehicle and called police. The suspects sped away and hit a police car before overturning. When the police were able to stop them, they found a loaded firearm on one of the suspects. With reports of a third suspect who had apparently escaped, nearby Rye Neck schools conducted a lock-out as a precaution, while police searched the area.



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