LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week — December 19, 2017

LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week

TLLIn the LMC Varsity Sports Play of the Week, the Rye Neck Boys Basketball team recently played Children’s Village. Each team was seeking their first win of the season. Rye Neck had a substantial edge in the first half when senior Aidan Heaton helped to increase their lead.

Mamaroneck School Board Talks Modular Classrooms — December 4, 2017

Mamaroneck School Board Talks Modular Classrooms

Due to an unexpected growth in population, the Mamaroneck School District is desperately seeking immediate as well as long-term solutions. The installation of modular classrooms was one option that was presented by engineering consultants at the School Board meeting held on November 28th. Possible sites include the small playground on the northside of Murray Avenue School and the Dinosaur Playground at Chatsworth Avenue School. The price could reach as much as $1 million to purchase and install four classrooms for each school. The plan will require approval from both local residents and the New York State Education Department. The project would need to start building by April 1st in order to have the modules ready for the fall. Unfortunately, the Board and the Superintendent were not enthusiastic about the project. Board President, Melanie Grey cited the high cost while Superintendent Robert Shaps suggested that the money could go to more flexible options, such as an increase in classroom sizes and adding more staff. The tight timeline gives the board only a few weeks to decide. They can either drop the idea completely or decide to build modular classrooms. The discussion will continue during the next study session, which will be held on December 5th.

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