DonJito in the Spotlight — September 6, 2018

DonJito in the Spotlight

Meral Kathwari visited DonJito in Mamaroneck, where mediterranean and mexican cuisines collide. For more information, visit

Westchester Music Festival Round Table —

Westchester Music Festival Round Table

In our Round Table discussion, Mike Witsch spoke with Eric Milness, artistic director of the Westchester Music Festival, and Louis Scenti, board secretary of the Westchester Music Festival, which will be hosted by St. Thomas Church, located at 168 West Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck.

Police Department —
Bee-Line Bus System updates —
The Village of Mamaroneck switching to renewable green energy —

The Village of Mamaroneck switching to renewable green energy

The village of Mamaroneck is switching to renewable green energy. Westchester Power, which is also known as The Community Choice Aggregation Program Under Sustainable Westchester, is a bulk energy purchasing program that provides lower costs to Con Edison customers, while increasing the use of renewable energy in the county.

The village of Mamaroneck is a participant in the energy program, and its Board of Trustees voted to choose the green option as the default energy supply, which is one 100 percent wind energy. Con Edison customers in the Village can still opt out of the two-year-old program. For more information, go to

Town Water Rate to Increase — August 30, 2018
Water Usage Bill Becomes Law —

Water Usage Bill Becomes Law

A new bill simplifies how 14 Westchester municipalities get water usage data from private companies. The goal is to help local governments, including New Rochelle and Rye City, manage clean water infrastructure projects. New York State Assemblyman Steve Otis and New York State Senator Shelley Mayer are involved in the legislation. Many Westchester municipalities are seeking to repair and improve their aging water infrastructure.

Sustainable Westchester Energy Program —

Sustainable Westchester Energy Program

Two years ago, the town of Mamaroneck entered an energy program through Sustainable Westchester that offered a fixed rate to residents and guaranteed to cost less than what Con Edison customers paid in the preceding year. The agreement will end in December, and the Town  Council found that the program was beneficial to the and would participate again if the fixed rate is lower than Con Edison energy costs.

The village of Mamaroneck is also looking to participate in the program, known as Westchester Power. Residents and businesses in the village saved more than $690,000 over the past two years

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